high hybrid nema 23 stepper motor

high hybrid nema 23 stepper motor
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Cheap nema 23 stepper motor 425 oz in for 4 axis cnc kit

This high hybrid nema 23 stepper motor is a mechanical device that directly converts electrical pulses into angular positions. How much of its angle depends on the number of pulses. Together with its associated stepper motor drive, it forms a simple and low-cost open-loop system.

It does two things at the same time: one is to transmit torque, and the other is to control the position or speed of the corner. The rotor of the high hybrid nema 23 stepper motor itself is magnetic, so the torque generated under the same stator current is greater than that of the reactive stepping motor, and the step angle is usually small.

Specification of Nema 23 stepper motor 425oz in 3N.M                 

Product namehigh hybrid nema 23 stepper motor Phase voltage :4.5V 
Model Number :57STH112-3004APhase Current : 3.0A
Step angel : 1.8 degree Phase resistance :  1.5ohm
Phase inductance : 6.5mH  Holding torque :3.0N.m  425 OZ IN
Weight : 2.0Kg Motor length : 112mm


Position control function;

Stepless speed regulation function;

Positive/reverse, emergency stop and lock function;

Low speed and high precision position function.

Important Mark :

  1. For the shaft diameter , 6.35mm or 8mm for your selection.

  2. For the shaft , we have three kinds: round shaft ,key shaft and flat shaft ,you can choose.

  3. Single shaft or dual shaft are both available

  4. Customized is accepted .


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