stepper motor nema 42 110mm

stepper motor nema 42 110mm
Product Details

This High torque stepper motor nema 42 converts digital information or commands in the form of pulses into proportional mechanical motion or stepping. It allows you to change the speed of the motor by changing the frequency of the pulse. This stepper motor has the advantage of a low cost structure due to its small size and simple design. It combines very high performance and torque. And it can also be used in microsteps to allow for resonance and noise effects to be minimized.

Technique  Parameters



Step Angel

1.2 degree

Step Angel Accuracy


Resistance Accuracy


Inductance Accuracy


Temperature Rise

80°C Max

Ambient Temperature


Insulation Resistance

100MΩ Min., 500VDC

Dielectric Strength

500VAC for one minute

Shaft Radial Play

0.02Max (450g-load)

Shaft Axial Play

0.08Max (450g-load)

 Nema 52 series three phase 110 3P series stepper motors:

Model No.Step AngelVolt age/ PhaseCurrent/ PhaseResistance/ PhaseInductance/ PhaseHolding TorqueLead wireWeightLength


All above is used normally , and we can customize according to your requirements .


1. High torque stepper motor nema 42 has a very high torque/size ratio.  Its high torque relative to the size of the motor makes it an ideal solution for direct drive.

2. It has a long service life due to the absence of a brush.

3. The open loop operation does not require a feedback device in the positioning application.

4. It is widely used and is ideal for use in ticketing machines, ATM machines, printing presses and other fields.

5. Advanced current control technology gives it excellent performance and smoothness.

Drawing :

Stepper motor lead wires :

Torque frenquency characterstic :