nema 24 stepping motor

nema 24 stepping motor
Product Details

The nema 24 stepper motor is a high torque stepper motor with a size of NEMA 24 (60 mm) and a 1.8° step angle (full step). The stepper motor has a flange size of 60x60 mm, which is slightly larger than the ST5918 series stepper motor. However, in the case of the same drilling pattern, the output is significantly higher and the shaft length is 8 mm.

The torque boosting technology used in this high torque stepper motor can increase the output torque of the motor by 25% to 40% over the full speed range. This torque enhancement technology is achieved by increasing the efficiency of the motor without the need to increase the input drive voltage or input current.

Technique  Parameters



Step Angel

1.8 degree

Step Angel Accuracy


Resistance Accuracy


Inductance Accuracy


Temperature Rise

80°C Max

Ambient Temperature


Insulation Resistance

100MΩ Min., 500VDC

Dielectric Strength

500VAC for one minute

Shaft Radial Play

0.02Max (450g-load)

Shaft Axial Play

0.08Max (450g-load)

Nema  24 series  60STH series stepper motors :

Model No.Step AngelVolt age/ PhaseCurrent/ PhaseResistance/ PhaseInductance/ PhaseHolding TorqueLead wireWeightLength


All above is used normally , and we can customize according to your requirements .


1. It acts on the permanent magnets embedded between the stator teeth, causing the magnetic flux scattered outside the stator teeth in the conventional design to re-aggregate onto the stator teeth to generate a moment effective magnetic flux, which adds extra torque.

2. Since the accuracy of each step is between 3% and 5%, and the error of one step is not accumulated to the next step, there is better positional accuracy and repeatability of motion.

3. The response of the motor is only determined by the digital input pulse, so open loop control can be used, which makes the structure of the motor relatively simple and costly.

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