3 axis cnc machine stepper motor kit

3 axis cnc machine stepper motor kit
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nema 34 cnc stepper motor 1600 oz in 12nm for engraving machine

The 3 axis cnc machine stepper motor kit has the advantages of small size, simple structure, and internal virtual closed loop. Its built-in chip provides all the functions related to digital motion control, including position control, speed control and microstep control.

3 axis cnc machine stepper motor kit is a hybrid stepper motor that combines the advantages of both reactive and permanent magnet stepper motors.

1. The number of pole pairs is equal to the number of teeth of the rotor and can be varied over a wide range as needed;

2. Winding inductance varies little with rotor position, making it easy to achieve optimal operation control;

3. Axial magnetizing magnetic circuit, using a new permanent magnet material with high magnetic energy product, is beneficial to the improvement of motor performance;

4. The rotor magnet provides excitation;

5. There is no significant oscillation throughout the operating area.


Product name:3 axis cnc machine stepper motor kitMotor length : 156mm
Model Number :85STH156-5004A   Step angel : 1.8 degree
Phase voltage : 2.90VPhase Current : 5.0A 
Phase resistance : 0.58ohm    Phase inductance : 6.8mH
Holding torque :12.2N.m 1600 OZ IN   Weight : 5.4Kg

Important Mark :

  1. We have three axes to choose from, including the round shaft, the key shaft and the flat shaft.

  2. The shaft diameter is divided into 12.7mm or 14mm.

  3. Customization is available in either single or dual axes.


The application of this 3 axis cnc machine stepper motor kit involves robots, industrial electronic automation equipment, medical equipment, advertising equipment, printing equipment, textile machinery and so on.