200w servo motor 3000rpm

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200w servo motor 3000rpm has advanced performance and ease of use. Advanced one-button tuning makes it unnecessary to operate on a computer. Servo adjustment can be done in one click. In addition, it automatically adjusts the vibration suppression control and robust filter.

The 200w servo motor 3000rpm runs very smoothly, with minimal vibration and heat. It sets the drive address and simplifies the control system. At the same time, this motor can also be directly controlled by PC and provide PC test software. It has undervoltage, overvoltage, stall, overheat protection, and may provide in-position signal, alarm output signal, and encoder zero signal for isolated output.

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Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China (Mainland)Brand Name:WOTOModel Number:ASM06H0230P5-0
Motor Type:AC MotorProduct name:200W ac servo motorType:Servo motor
Output power:200WProtect Feature:WaterproofEfficiency:IE3
AC Voltage:220VPhase:3 Phase

High quality 200W ac servo motor 

200w servo motor 

Model number :  ASM06H0230P5-0  

Rated power : 200W   

Rated torque : 0.64N.m 

Insulation Class : F 

Protection Class : IP65

Working envionment :  - 20 ~ +50 degree

Encoder: 2500 PPR


● Instantaneous stop tolerance increases

  This product features a momentary stop function and a large capacity main circuit capacitor to reduce downtime caused by instantaneous stops.

● Reduce maintenance procedures

  It stores the servo data before and after the alarm in the ROM memory, which can quickly and accurately find out the cause of the alarm.

●Reliable basic performance

  It utilizes a dedicated engine to achieve a speed frequency response of 2.0KHZ, thus reducing the pause time.

●With high resolution encoder

  It is equipped with an incremental encoder for high precision equipment.

●Energy saving

  It uses high-capacity main circuit capacitors to effectively use renewable energy and reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

●Support for sink type and source wiring

  The command pulse input and the digital input and output are standard-compatible with the drain type and the source type.


High quality 200W 0.2KW ac electric servo motor with driver

Application :

Be widely used in digital control machine tools,laser processing machines,computer embroidery machines,textile machinery,printing machinery,packaging machinery,markers,engraving machines,winding machines,three-coordinates measuring machines and other industries.