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Stepper Motor Step Motor Application

Oct 11, 2017

stepper motor Step motor application

Step motor maintenance

Stepper motor fault of general performance in the stepping motor itself a phase or multiphase winding short circuit or open circuit (coil), burn out the obstacle so available multimeter measure the dc resistance of the motor coil, and comparing with normal coil resistance (most of the situation Condition, the motor coil won't burn out at the same time, there is always one or more sets is ok), whether the motor coil burn out. A screw fastening motor can be opened directly by a screwdriver. If the shell is welded, use a file or a hacksaw to carefully disassemble the shell, and be careful not to break it in case of deformation. Apart after see motor internal structure, if a phase or two phase motor coil burn out, as long as the coil skeleton does not change shape, can be in accordance with the original motor coil and number of turns to winding, (when open burnt coil attention to count the number of turns, and micrometer measure already remove the coil of wire diameter, because import enameled wire and domestic line skin thickness is not consistent, must use gas lighter machine will burn, remove paint again, alternative line method should be the same amount). If you skeleton deformation, you must replace the skeleton, if no suitable skeleton, skeleton in the restructuring of a similar need, also can use high temperature resistant flame retardant insulation self-control, gum together shape the same as the original skeleton. After winding, carefully installed together, rotating the motor shaft with the hand, no obvious card astringent feel. It should be noted that if the stepping motor is damaged, the driving circuit of the stepper motor should be detected to be damaged, then the stepping motor can be replaced. Stepping motor application field

At present, the application of stepper motor is becoming more and more extensive. It is widely used in machinery, electronics, textile and other industries. Here is a brief introduction:

1. Stepping motor is mainly used for some location-oriented situations.

For example, a thread-cutting workbench is dragging, the hair machine workbench (the pore positioning), the packaging machine (fixed length). It's almost always used when it comes to positioning.

2. Widely used in the ATM machine, spraying machine, carving machine, pictorial machine, spraying equipment, medical instrument and equipment, computer peripherals and mass storage equipment, precision instruments, industrial control system, office automation, robots and other fields.

It is especially suitable for the application of stable operation, low noise, fast response, long service life and high output torque.

3. The step motor in a computer embroidery machine is widely used in textile machinery and equipment, such as the characteristics of this kind of stepper motor is to keep the torque is not high, frequent startup response speed, low noise, smooth operation, operation control performance is good, the machine cost is low.

Most at present is used for computerized embroidery machine stepper motor as five phase hybrid stepping motors, purpose is through the adoption of high number of step step motor to reduce torque Angle and improve control accuracy, but using this kind of way to get on the performance of the increase is limited. And the cost is relatively high. It can greatly improve the operation quality of stepping motor, reduce torque fluctuation, restrain oscillation, reduce noise and improve the moment resolution. If the reactive step motor is used, the cost of the product can be greatly reduced while the performance is obviously improved.