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Stepper Motor Dynamic Indicators And Terminology

Nov 04, 2016

1, step angle accuracy:

Stepper motors each turning a step angle of actual values and theoretical value of the error. Expressed as a percentage: error/step angle *100%. Different runs whose values have a different number, within four runs at 5%, eight runs should be less than 15%.

2, out of step:

While the motor is running running steps, is not equal to the theoretical number of steps. Call out of step.

3, the misalignment angle:

Offset angle of the axis of the stator the rotor axis, motor angular displacement, angular error, driving is not the solution.

4, maximum no-load starting frequency:

Motor in a drive form, the voltage and the rated current, without load cases, direct starting and maximum frequency.

5: Max no load frequency:

Motor in a drive form, under voltage and the rated current of the motor maximum speed with no load frequency.

6, running the torque-frequency characteristics:

Motor running under certain test conditions measured torque and frequency relation curve, running torque-frequency characteristics, which are the most important in many dynamic curve of motor and motor selection basis. As shown in the following figure:

Other characteristics are frequency characteristics at used frequency characteristics, and so on.

Motors, once selected, the static torque of the motor determines, dynamic torque but not with runtime dynamic torque of the motor depends on the average current (rather than static electricity), average current, the greater the motor output torque greater, that is, the harder the frequency characteristics of the motor.