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Stepper Motor Driver Control The Development

Oct 31, 2017

 stepper motor driver Control the development

The future of motor drive and control trends will be permanent magnet synchronous motor and motor controller, for engineers: motor research and development, lack of control algorithms, including complex mathematical calculations into software coding, including the understanding of system knowledge, The general challenges facing the motor control industry.

 With the rise of industry, the market potential of motor, The

The motor has always been very important. He is 40% of the world's energy are motor-driven data, for example, illustrates the importance of the motor. In the industrial automation, for example, PMSM (permanent magnet synchronous motor) applications more and more widely, the reason is simple, energy efficient, efficient, good control performance. "In the application of different types of motor, Safe and efficient energy-saving communication, we see in the motor drive and control the general trend of development, three mechanical and electrical as a motor and drive R & D and production enterprises, but also from these aspects to provide differentiated solutions.

And the importance of the motor controller to the motor drive is self-evident. In this regard, he said: "Motor control is a small system, it is not a single chip to achieve.If the system is more important to the main controller, for example, ADI introduced ADSP-CM40x series processor has a clear Features: Strong computing power; high-performance integrated SAR ADC; SINC filter implemented in hardware accelerator mode "For many traditional motor industry engineers only understand the hardware, lack of control algorithms, including complex mathematical calculations into software coding Within the understanding of the system knowledge, the motor control industry is currently facing a general challenge. He argues that the control algorithm is also one of the challenges because it is 'invisible' that takes time to precipitate and accumulate. And the three efforts to provide customers with system-level solutions, to provide motor control platform.

Stepper motor power supply and driver control part of the composition

Stepper motor power requirements are not strict, do not need to regulator. As long as to meet the current requirements, the voltage similar to the rectifier filter after the line on the line.

Stepper motor power is best not to use switching power supply, because the switching power supply has peak protection, and stepping drive is often a peak phenomenon, coupled with the total switching power supply transformer rectifier circuit is reliable.

Stepper motor drive control system components, under normal circumstances, stepper motor drive system consists of three parts: control circuit, drive circuit and stepper motor. Its main functions are as follows:

① control circuit. Used to generate pulses to control the speed and direction of the motor.

② drive circuit. The research contents of this paper are composed of the pulse signal distribution and power drive circuit shown in Fig. According to the controller input pulse and direction signals for the stepper motor winding to provide the correct power sequence, and the motor needs high voltage, high current; also provide a variety of protection measures, such as overcurrent, overheating and so on.