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Stepper Motor Driver According To The Maximum Load Torque

Sep 18, 2017

 stepper motor driver According to the maximum load torque

Stepper motor drive models more types of more users in the choice should have a certain stress, so as to the best performance, the lowest price to choose their own products. The following Yamazaki motor technical engineers to give you a good explanation under the stepper motor drive to how to choose.

1, first determine the stepper motor drag the load required torque. The easiest way is to add a lever on the load shaft, pull the lever with a spring scale, pull the force arm length is both the load torque. Or calculated theoretically according to the load characteristics. As the stepper motor is the control of the motor, so the current commonly used stepper motor maximum torque of not more than 45Nm, Japan Hill supply the maximum torque of 50 Nm 130mm three-phase stepper motor, the greater the torque, the higher the cost, if you Select the motor torque is greater or beyond this range, you can consider adding a reduction device.

2, according to the maximum load torque and the maximum speed of these two important indicators, and then refer to the moment - frequency characteristics, you can choose a suitable for their own stepper motor. If you think you have selected the motor is too large, you can consider adding a reduction device, which can save costs, you can also make your design more flexible. To choose the right reduction ratio, to consider the relationship between torque and speed.

3, to determine the maximum speed of stepper motor running. The speed index is very important in the selection of the stepper motor. The characteristic of the stepping motor is that the torque decreases with the increase of the motor speed. The speed of the stepping motor is related to many parameters such as the drive voltage of the drive and the phase current , The motor phase inductance, the motor size, etc., the general rule is: the higher the drive voltage, the slower the torque drop; the greater the phase current of the motor, the slower the torque drop.

4, you can first choose hybrid stepper motor, if due to price factors, you can choose other types of stepper motor. And finally to consider a certain (such as 50%) torque margin and speed margin. Japan Yamato supply hybrid stepper motor products also provide matching step drive products. Electronic components in the factory before the need for aging test. Aging is to let the semiconductor overload work so that defects occur in a short time, to avoid the use of early failure. If you do not use aging, many semiconductor products due to the complexity of the device and manufacturing process and other reasons in use will have a lot of problems. There are several ways to test the aging of a stepper motor driver:

1, the driver performance test: mainly concentrated in the drive efficiency, harmonic analysis, three-phase imbalance analysis, interference analysis and other test items;

2, the driver response test: mainly through the motor test bench, to the motor to impose a different load, observe the load changes when the motor driver can quickly adjust the motor according to the working state, assess the performance of the drive response.