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Servo Motor Servo Motor Technology

Aug 01, 2017

Servo Motor Servo motor technology

In order to improve efficiency, servo motors are generally used non-ferrous metals do worm gear, worm is used hard steel. As a result of sliding friction transmission, the operation will produce more heat, so that the servo motor parts and seals between the thermal expansion of the difference, so that the formation of gaps in the mating surface, lubricating oil due to the temperature rise dilute, easy to cause leakage The Device, it is strictly prohibited with hammer and other hitting, to prevent axial or radial force is too large damage to the bearing or gear. Be sure to tighten the device bolts and then tighten the tightening bolts. Before the device, the motor input shaft, positioning the boss and reducer connection parts of the anti-rust oil with gasoline or zinc sodium water wipe net. Its purpose is to ensure the tightness of the connection and the flexibility of operation and to prevent unwanted wear.

So far, high-performance electric servo system mostly use permanent magnet synchronous AC servo motor, control the drive to use more rapid and accurate positioning of all-digital position servo system. Since the 1980s, with the development of integrated circuits, power electronics technology and AC variable speed drive technology, permanent magnet AC servo drive technology has been outstanding development, the famous electrical manufacturers have introduced their own AC servo motor and servo drive series Products are not perfect and updated from time to time. AC servo system has become the contemporary high-performance servo system, the main direction of development, so that the original DC servo is facing out of the crisis.

 With the rapid development of supporting technology such as modern power electronic technology, microelectronics technology and computer technology, the development of AC servo drive system with servo motor as the implementing agency has been greatly improved. However, servo control technology is one of the key technologies to determine the performance of AC servo system, the main part of foreign AC servo technology blockade.

 Servo motor applications are too much, as long as there is a power source, but also on the requirements of precision, generally may be related to the servo motor. As the DC servo motor has a complex mechanical structure, maintenance workload, including brushes, commutators, etc. have become the bottleneck of the development of DC servo drive technology.

 AC reactor. AC reactor is used to suppress the high-order harmonics generated by the inverter of the servo motor, to improve the power factor, to reduce the influence of the harmonics on the power grid, and to prevent the influence of the power grid impact on the servo motor. When the servo motor frequency converter in the use of electrical equipment harmonic requirements of the use of high power environment, or servo motor inverter to select the feedback brake unit, or power supply lines installed on the power factor compensation capacitor may exist In the case of large inrush current, should be equipped with AC reactor.