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Servo Motor Selection Comparison

Jun 21, 2017

Servo Motor Selection comparison 

Selection comparison editor

AC servo motor

The structure of the AC servo motor stator is basically similar to that of a capacitive phase split single-phase asynchronous motor, and its stator is provided with two windings with 90 ° different distances, one is the field winding Rf, which is always connected to the AC voltage Uf; Is the control winding L, the connection control signal voltage Uc. So AC servo motor, also known as two servo motor.

AC servo motor rotor is usually made squirrel cage, but in order to make the servo motor has a wide speed range, linear mechanical properties, no "rotation" phenomenon and fast response performance, it compared with ordinary motor, Rotor resistance and large inertia of these two characteristics of inertia. At present, there are two types of rotor structures: one is a high resistivity guide rod with a high resistivity conductive material. In order to reduce the moment of inertia of the rotor, the rotor is slender. One is made of aluminum alloy hollow cup-shaped rotor, cup wall is very thin, only 0.2-0.3mm, in order to reduce the magnetic resistance of the magnetic circuit, to be placed in the hollow cup-shaped fixed stator. Rotor inertia is very small, rapid response, and smooth operation, it is widely used.

AC servo motor in the absence of control voltage, the stator only excitation coil generated by the pulsating magnetic field, the rotor stationary. When there is a control voltage, a rotating magnetic field is generated in the stator, and the rotor rotates in the direction of the rotating magnetic field. When the load is constant, the rotational speed of the motor changes with the size of the control voltage. When the phase of the control voltage is opposite, the servo motor Will be reversed.

Permanent magnet AC servo motor

Since the 1980s, with the development of integrated circuits, power electronics technology and AC variable speed drive technology, permanent magnet AC servo drive technology has been outstanding development, the famous electrical manufacturers have introduced their own AC servo motor and servo drive series Products and constantly improve and update. AC servo system has become the contemporary high-performance servo system, the main direction of development, so that the original DC servo is facing out of the crisis. After the 1990s, the world has been commercialized AC servo system is the use of all-digital control of the sine wave motor servo drive. AC servo drive in the field of transmission of the ever-changing.

Permanent magnet AC servo motor with DC servo motor comparison, the main advantages are:

⑴ no brush and commutator, so reliable, low maintenance and maintenance requirements.

⑵ stator winding heat more convenient.

⑶ inertia is small, easy to improve the system's fastness.

⑷ adapt to the high-speed torque working state.

⑸ with the power of a smaller volume and weight.