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Servo Motor Low Speed Running Smoothly

Aug 14, 2017

Servo Motor Low speed running smoothly

Servo motor advantages

1, the accuracy: to achieve the position, speed and torque of the closed-loop control; to overcome the stepping motor out of step;

2, speed: high-speed performance is good, the general rated speed can reach 2000 ~ 3000 rpm;

3, adaptability: anti-overload ability, can withstand three times the rated torque of the load, there are instantaneous load fluctuations and the requirements of the fast start of the occasion is particularly applicable;

4, stable: low-speed operation is smooth, low-speed operation will not produce similar to stepper motor stepping operation. Suitable for high-speed response requirements of the occasion;

5, Timeliness: motor acceleration and deceleration of the dynamic corresponding time is short, usually within tens of milliseconds;

6, comfort: heat and noise significantly reduced.

      Servo motor applications are too much. As long as there is a power source, and the accuracy of the requirements are generally related to the servo motor. Such as: machine tools, printing equipment, packaging equipment, textile equipment, laser processing equipment, robots, automated production lines such as process accuracy, processing efficiency and reliability of the work requirements of relatively high equipment motor

From the servo system of the three major components: servo motor, encoder, drive the development of their own point of view, AC servo motor will be the mainstream. The motor itself will develop in the direction of high performance and high power density. Under the same power output conditions, the motor itself will be smaller and smaller. Such as 1.5KW below the small power AC servo motor volume is only the original three-phase induction motor 1/10 or so. This is mainly due to the continuous improvement of the motor manufacturing technology itself. Such as: the use of high-performance magnetic materials, stator segmentation process of the use of concentrated winding high-density winding, stator laminating bonding process. The continuous optimization of the magnetic circuit design and the application of thermal analysis technology makes the cooling performance of the motor has been continuously improved.

       At the same time, due to the special needs of various industries, servo motor will be from the general FA industry to differentiated, directional design of the road. Such as maintenance-free, dust-free, explosion-proof, torque-free ultra-high or ultra-low rated speed miniaturization, the motor directly equipped with brakes, reducer, ball screw, coupling, torque temperature sensor, Drive the ALL IN ONE integrated servo feature for the controller.

       In fact, in the traditional FA industry, especially in the home appliances, automotive electronics, textile, avionics, machinery and other industries, a variety of DC brushless servo motor has been widely and a lot of applications. The traditional sense of the commutator with the DC servo motor is being replaced by this DC brushless servo motor. Especially in the application of small power range, it has irreplaceable low cost, small size, high reliability (usually without photoelectric encoder feedback), can be battery-powered and other advantages. So the actual use of the number will be very impressive.