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Servo Motor Development Should Not Be Underestimated

Nov 04, 2016

Universal servo drive based on the additional number of PLC and motion control functions, and their network communication function, forming a separate single-axis motion controller, finish a certain amount of movement control functions, such as point-to-point positioning, can be widely used in applications such as automated production lines.

In recent years, some companies of servo drives and motors products have entered the stage of industrialization, but it is mainly concentrated in the CNC machine tool industry, 400W power specifications, not for the entire automation industry formed a full range of standard products. Because China as a manufacturing powerhouse, with the exception of NC machine tool industry, other industries of all kinds increased demand for servo motors, for which foreign motor manufacturers have been planned or already set-owned factories in the country, using local resources and cheap labor, production of a variety of general purpose servo motors.

Domestic servo motor design and production techniques have been perfected, mainly towards standardization, serialization, the scale of development, only a certain size in order to have high reliability and low price and competitive products. But the digital servo motor drive technology is still relatively backward, limited mainly to the lack of useful motor control algorithms and high-reliability power module, which greatly limited the promotion of domestically produced servo motor.