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Servo Motor Control Ability

Jul 04, 2017

Servo Motor control ability

In the traditional manual operation of the tightening operation, due to tightening torque and the force can not be precisely controlled, will lead to compression force is small or large, when the compression force is too small, the bolt may be due to vibration or cyclic load caused by loose, Tight force is too large, but also easily lead to the connection component of the fracture or deformation, so tightening machine came into being.

The tightening machine relies on the control function of the servo motor to realize the automatic adjustment control of the pressing force, and ensure the precise control of the pressing force in the tightening assembly.

At present the traditional tightening machine control program shown in Figure 1, including: PLC + touch screen + servo drive + servo motor + reducer + torque sensor. The mode is through the PLC controller to the servo drive to send the position pulse, while receiving the torque sensor feedback of the analog signal to control the motor start and stop.

Traditional program model is more mature, the use of a wide range. But with the increase in the amount of equipment, how to further improve product performance and reduce costs, customers are facing new problems.

Beijing and Lee Motor Technology Co., Ltd. for market demand, the first controller and servo drive function of the two-in-one integrated solution, all the functions of the PLC integrated into the servo drive to complete, eliminating the PLC hardware and software, torque sensor The analog signal is fed back directly to the servo drive. The drive uses the internal position mode and speed mode to control the position, speed, start and stop of the motor. With a simple structure, high reliability, cost-effective features.

The internal position mode is to design the multi-stage position in the servo drive. The parameters are used to set the operation mode of each position, including the number of running cycles, running speed, acceleration / deceleration time, jump path, etc., according to the external I / O port trigger signal Run the segments in turn. After the determination of the program, the need to combine the specific requirements of the site to tailor the process parameters design, such as acceleration and deceleration, running speed, running length, torque should be set accurately.

Figure 3 and Figure 4, respectively, is to tighten and remove the motor when the motor speed curve.

The program system by the customer site for a long time continuous operation, and by field debugging shows that the torque control accuracy can reach the advanced level. The design of high precision control, reliability, for the user to improve product quality and enhance the efficiency of production, won the praise of customers.

The program compared with the traditional program has the following advantages:

<1> eliminating the need for PLC or board and other motion controllers, tightening machine costs significantly reduced.

<2> Torque sensor signal directly feedback to the drive, the middle part of the less, more concise wiring, the whole anti-noise ability.