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Servo motor advantages

Nov 04, 2016

1, precision: the location, the closed-loop control of speed and torque; overcomes the problem of stepping motor out of step;

2, speed: high-speed performance and rated speed can go up to 2000~3000;

3, adaptability: strong overload resistance, able to withstand three times times the rated torque of the load, the transient load fluctuations and require quick-start especially for the occasion;

4, stability: low-speed smooth operation, low speed operation without stepping operation similar to the stepper motor. For a high-speed response requirements of the occasion;

5, time: dynamic response of motor acceleration-deceleration time is short, typically dozens of milliseconds;

6, the comfort: heating and noise reduction

Servo motor application is too much. As long as it is to have a source of power, and accuracy requirements may involve servo motors. Such as machine tools, printing equipment, packaging equipment, textile equipment, laser processing equipment, robotics, automated production line for processing precision, efficiency, and reliability require relatively high levels of equipment, such as motors