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Purchase Drive Tips

Nov 04, 2016

If you think you elect motor is too big, can consider with deceleration device, which can save costs, or you can make your design more flexible. To select the appropriate gear ratio, to consider the relationship between torque and speed, choose the best solution.

4. Ultimately I have to leave some (such as 50%) torque margin and speed cushion.

5. May choose the hybrid stepping motor, if the price factor, reaction stepping motors can be selected.

6. Select subdivision driver as far as possible, and make the drive to work in condition.

7. Select a time and do not go into the motor torque this misunderstanding of an indicator, that is not the motor torque of bigger is better, and index into consideration.

8. Ultra small form factor drives and micro-drive depends on the shell as a radiator, should be fixed at a larger, thicker metal plate or external fan cooling, if there is no heat condition and drives working in low speed situations (fever then drives larger), you can choose a type 90 drive with fan replaced.