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Motor Insulation Resistance Measurement Procedure Is As Follows:

Nov 04, 2016
1, will be in the motor terminal box 6 ends the film apart. 2, Ou Fang Zhao, without wiring, shake the megohmmeter, hands should point to "∞", and then on the table to "l" (line) and "e" (ground) with lines for two-terminal test clip short, slowly turning a crank, the hands should point to "0". 3, measure the resistance between motor three-phase winding. Two test folders respectively, any on either end of a two-phase winding head, flat on the shake table in order to shake the Megger at a constant speed of 120 RPM per minute a minute later, read hands stable value. 4, using the same method, measure each phase in turn around phase and the insulation resistance values of the housing. It should be noted, on the table marked "e"