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Motor Controller Motor Controller Technology

Jul 04, 2017

Motor Controller Motor controller technology

Introduction to Motor Controller Technology

The classification of new energy vehicles include: weak mix, pure electric, strong mixing, plug-in hybrid, extended range of mixed. Mainly based on its function to judge.

Electric drive the power system, the most important is the motor controller, and the motor controller is the core of the inverter.

The inverter consists of several parts:

shell. Sealing and cooling function, the inverter, the high power is generally liquid cooling (20KW or more), but a small part of the small power there is also the existence of air-cooled.

capacitance. DC-LINK, mainly the current supply and the role of IGBT protection

IGBT. The process of converting DC into alternating current.

Connector. Is a more critical component. First, the most basic to achieve the current flow function; second, to achieve shielding; third, to achieve the seal

Hot questions

1) Q: control of the excitation motor technology and control of permanent magnet motor technology will be very essential difference?

A: there is no essential difference, but the software to be adjusted, there is no difference between the hardware architecture.

2) Q: How much difference is between the motor control system and the engine control system?

A: The two future costs almost (to the current technical level forecast, the cost of the two or

There are 4-5 times the difference), but from the market structure and future trends, the engine controller has developed very

Cooked, the new energy motor controller there are many spaces, but the specific future is a bit of the world, it is difficult to predict.

3) Q: the face of market price war, the domestic electric control manufacturers how to reduce the cost of electronic control?

A: two core points, first, is the amount. Electronic control in the cost of electronic components accounted for a large scale effect

Enough to reduce costs; second, is the technology. In particular, IGBT technology breakthrough, for cost control is critical

need. Not long ago, the National Development and Reform Commission in the investigation and extensive solicitation on the basis of the study and drafted the "anti-monopoly on the automotive industry guidelines" (draft) (hereinafter referred to as "anti-monopoly guide"), is now closed for comments. April 13, the National Development and Reform Commission spokesman Zhao Chenxin said at the news conference, the development of "anti-monopoly guide", is conducive to further enhance the transparency of law enforcement, stabilize market expectations, prevent and stop the automobile industry monopoly behavior, protect the market fair competition and consumption Interests, and promote the healthy development of the automotive industry.