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Motor Controller Motor Control System

Oct 11, 2017

motor controller Motor control system

Motor controller is used with motor and motor drive to form a perfect control system control device, it is commonly by the power supply voltage, signal input and the preprocessing part, intelligent signal processing part, drive control signal preprocessing part, power switch parts, etc.

What if my controller's motor is running, but it's not working properly? Let me share with you how to deal with it.

1. First of all, we should choose whether the controller should work in 60 degrees and 120 degrees. 2. The motor depends on the external force, and when it turns, it is called large operation. The output is missing, and the connection line is detected. The circuit board has leakage welding, virtual welding, short circuit and wrong welding. 3. The hall signal is incorrect, and some motor needs to adjust the output line or hall signal line of the controller; 4. When the motor is not stationary at low speed, it is too different for the parameters of the driving circuit elements to test whether the three-phase driving element is not correctly welded and has poor performance. We all know that a machine if current is not normal, so it is easy to cause damage to the machine, the same motor controller will also meet with such a problem, today we will see together with you for the current in the dc controller when how to do?

General we found the questions about the electric current is a current limiting resistor fever, static current will be larger, under the simple processing methods are: whether there is short circuit in the detection circuit of the circuit, this we also need to check with the help of professional electricians master, if you to circuit don't understand, please don't do STH without authorization operation, and then there is the driver of the motor controller, the drive output without firmware wrong welding phenomenon, this also is in the process of operation easy to cause the wrong place, at the bottom is the connection problem, if the plug-in is found in the attachment if the wrong words, so will cause too much electricity. In the application of stepping motor, one of the most important considerations is to design the matching drive circuit. The dynamic performance of stepper motor is very dependent on the driver circuit. Figure 1 shows the structure diagram of the stepping motor drive system. The driving step motor requires switching current from one stator winding to another. This switching function is provided by the driving circuit, which drives the circuit arrangement, and distributes and amplifies the pulse sequence from the signal circuit. The winding of the stepping motor is stimulated in the specified order.

The practicality of the integrated circuit has made it unnecessary to construct a drive circuit for small stepper motors with a rated current of less than 3 amperes. For example, SGS L7180 and L7182 are single-polarity driven, and L293 and L298 are dual-polarity drivers, which can be easily used in tight controllers.

Application Settings editing

1. The higher the fine score is, the higher the resolution is. [1] the higher the control resolution is. But too high a fine score affects the maximum speed. Generally speaking, users of die machine can consider the pulse equivalent of 0.001mm/P (at this time, the maximum feed speed is 9600mm/min) or 0.0005mm/P (at this time, the maximum feed speed is 4800mm/min); For users with low accuracy, the pulse equivalent can be set larger, such as 0.002mm/P (when the maximum speed is 19200mm/min) or 0.005mm/P (at this time, the maximum feed speed is 48000mm/min). For the two-phase stepping motor, the pulse equivalent calculation method is as follows: pulse equivalent is equal to that of the screw pitch.