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Motor Controller Harmonic Analysis

Aug 14, 2017

motor controller Harmonic analysis

No matter what kind of motor controller or inverter, in the course of the operation there are different levels of harmonic voltage and current, so that the motor running at non-sinusoidal voltage, current. Harmonic will cause the motor stator copper consumption, rotor copper consumption, iron loss and additional loss increases, a direct result of the motor to reduce the real efficiency, and there may be too high temperature rise. Therefore, in the design or selection of the motor controller, the output signal harmonic content is a more important indicator.


Since the output signal of the motor controller is analyzed for harmonic, a wide-band harmonic analyzer must be used. The current practice of the industry generally uses a multi-channel power analyzer to test the components of the motor test system. As shown in the figure, the electrical parameters and mechanical parameters of the motor and the driver are collected in real time during the test. In analyzing the real-time efficiency of the motor and the controller, the harmonic test results can be recorded and the remaining efficiency Influence the relationship.

The motor controller is used to control the motor and motor drive together to form a complete control system of the motor control system. It is usually composed of power supply regulator, signal input and pretreatment part, intelligent signal processing part, drive control signal preprocessing part, Power drive switch part and so on.

If my controller is running on the motor, but it is not normal operation should be how to deal with it? Changzhou today to create a small power technology Co., Ltd. to share with you how to deal with it.

1. First of all, we should be the controller 60 degrees 120 degrees of work options are corresponding; 2. Motor by external force, and the rotation is called large sound is not smooth; output phase, the detection of cable, circuit board components There are leakage welding, Weld, short circuit, wrong welding, etc .; 3 Hall signal is not correct, part of the motor to adjust the controller output line or Hall signal line; 4. Motor at low speed is not smooth, mostly drive circuit component parameters The difference is too large, test three-phase drive components with or without wrong welding, poor performance.