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Mini Stepper Motor Safe And Beautiful

Aug 01, 2017

Mini Stepper Motor Safe and beautiful

1. Micro-motor precision helical gear, the accuracy of up to IT6 level, precision CNC machining, concentricity, position accuracy up to IT6 level, box four corners with double pillar form of high rigidity structure, even in high load premise is also strong deformation, Vibration is small.

2. Single-phase speed motor, nearly a thousand models, variety.

3. Installation is convenient, the gear box with internal thread installation scale, at the same time inlaid stainless steel screw sets, easy installation, the thread does not slip wire, the output shaft bearing embedded cancel gear box boss, can be directly close to the installation surface installation.

4. Safe and beautiful, ultra-small junction box, protection class IP54, wiring, replacement convenience, in line with safety standards ultra-low noise, high precision hobbing machine and AAA high-grade hob processing high

5. Long life, the gear material is made of high-grade alloy with molybdenum and specially heat treated to ensure that the surface of the gear surface hard and tough, wear-resistant non-reamble, gear box all equipped with needle roller bearings, transmission torque, carrying capacity up to General products 2-3 times, durable

6. Reliable performance, computer optimization design of the electromagnetic system, the motor operating efficiency, low temperature, enameled wire and insulation materials using H-class (180 ℃), safe. The motor should be aware of the following:

   1, monitor the power supply voltage changes in the voltage range should not exceed or below the rated voltage of 10%, if below this range, should be appropriate to reduce the load operation. At the same time, the three-phase voltage imbalance can not be too large. Any two-phase voltage difference should not exceed 5%, otherwise it will make the motor fever too fast. The motor power supply is best equipped with a voltmeter and a direct change to the switch.

   2, monitor the running current of the motor under normal circumstances should not exceed the rating on the nameplate. At the same time should also pay attention to three-phase current is balanced, any two-phase current difference should not be greater than 10% of rated current, otherwise the motor is faulty. Special attention should be paid to whether there is a lack of operation. Large capacity of the motor should be installed ammeter to monitor the running current, the smaller the motor should also be measured with a clamp ammeter current line.

   3, monitor the motor temperature rise should not exceed the motor nameplate on the allowable limit. The temperature rise in the operation of the motor is a direct and reliable way to monitor the operation of the motor. Check the temperature rise method can refer to 144 asked. On the line to install a voltmeter, ammeter and overload protection device, is also the main way to monitor the temperature rise.

   4, monitor the motor in the operation of the sound, vibration and smell motor normal operation, the sound uniform, smooth operation, no insulating paint smell and smell. If abnormal sound, severe vibration, insulation paint smell, etc., indicating that the motor overheating or other failures.

   5, monitor the work of the transmission to keep abreast of the pulley or coupling is loose, the transmission belt with or without slip phenomenon (slip is the belt is too loose), belt connector is intact.

   6, monitor the bearing work Note bearing the sound and heat conditions. When measured by the thermometer, the rolling bearing heating temperature shall not exceed 95 ℃, sliding bearing heating temperature shall not exceed 80 ℃. Bearing sound is not normal or overheating, bearing lubrication is bad, due to serious wear and tear.

   7, monitor the fuse work should always pay attention to whether there is a phase fuse fuse, so as to avoid the lack of operation to make the motor overheating.