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Mini Stepper Motor Distance From The Corner

Oct 19, 2017

Mini Stepper Motor Distance from the corner

Stepper motor in the low-speed operation will be jitter and noise phenomenon, a customer consultation whether such a situation is normal, how to solve. Stepper motor engineers said that the stepper motor in the low-speed operation, the slight jitter is normal, how to shake a larger range of noise is also large, it is not normal, you can through the following methods to troubleshoot and solve:

1, first check the stepper motor installation environment, whether in the resonance zone, you can increase the transmission method to improve the stepper motor running speed

2, if the motor arrangement environment is normal, you can use the breakdown function with the stepper motor driver, adjust the drive to resolve the breakdown. Is the more simple way

3, you can add a special magnetic damper on the motor shaft to reduce noise and vibration

4, adjust the distance from the stepper motor to solve, such as the two-phase stepper motor into three-phase or five-phase angle from the smaller motor

5, if the cost allows, you can replace the stepper motor servo motor, servo motor performance can be a good solution to the problem of noise and vibration, the corresponding cost will increase.

 Conventional adjustment stepper motor speed method is divided into the following:

First, the commutator motor speed

Advantages: ① with AC synchronous motor structure and DC motor with good speed performance; ② low-speed power supply voltage, high-speed stepper motor with the natural potential of the commutation, reliable operation; ③ no additional slip loss, high efficiency, Suitable for high-speed high-capacity synchronous motor start and speed. Disadvantages: low overload capacity, the original capacity of the motor can not give full play.

Second, the stator voltage regulator

Advantages: ① line is simple, small size, cheap; ② use, easy maintenance. Shortcomings: ① the speed of the process to increase the slip loss, the loss of the rotor heat, low efficiency; ② speed range is relatively small; ③ require high slip motor, such as specially designed torque motor, so the characteristics of soft, generally Applicable to 55kW following asynchronous motor.

Third, the rotor series resistance speed

Advantages: ① technical requirements are low, easy to master; ② equipment costs low; ③ no electromagnetic harmonic interference. Disadvantages: ① string cast iron resistance can only be a level of speed. If the liquid resistance for stepless speed regulation, the maintenance, maintenance requirements are higher; ② speed control process additional slip power into all the series of heat loss in the form of loss, low efficiency. ③ speed range is not large.