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Characteristics Of Stepping Motor

Nov 04, 2016
Stepper motor is electrical pulses into the angular displacement or displacement of an open link of actuator, with periodic error, low cost, simple control features. Product from the number two or three, four-phase 0.9 °/step angle 1.8 ° from specifications 57~ round 130, from static torque-0.1N · M~50N· M。 Maximum output power up to 1500W motor. Stepper motor driver Stepper motor driver for driving stepping motor is used only. From the constant pressure on the drive type drive, constant-current chopper drive, driven by PWM pulse width modulation. Breakdown on type: can be up to 256 segments. Score the highest on the current type of current of up to 8 a. D series motor with low speed and low noise, without high frequency sound and noise, small vibration, low temperature rise.