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Micro Stepper Motor Brushless Stepper Motor

Jun 12, 2017

Micro Stepper Motor Brushless stepper motor

That is, a technology-leading integrated electronic device with integrated brushless stepper motor, with a small noise, smooth operation and so on.

Refers to the micro stepping motor. This motor uses advanced second-generation current control technology to achieve unparalleled smoothness and performance. [1] Through the latest current control technology, the motor in the entire speed range, the resonance phenomenon is significantly reduced, the operating noise is also reduced, the greater the operating temperature range in the harsh environment of long-term trouble-free work The [2-3]

IP Multimedia Subsystem Editing

IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem): IP Multimedia Subsystem. Mobile network introduced a network architecture.

Information management system editor

Information management system (IMS, Information Management System, attention to different from the MIS) involved in economics, management, operations research, statistics, computer science and many other disciplines, is closely linked to the various disciplines of a new discipline. As a new science, its theory and methods are constantly developing and improving. It has the basic functions of the information system, but also with the forecast, planning, control and auxiliary decision-making unique features.

1. IMS provides oral, current, predictable future information about the organization and its environment in the form of an oral or written form at the right time to the manager, staff, and outsiders to help them make decisions.

2. IMS is a structured way to provide information on past, present and future expectations, which involves internal and external intelligence. It provides the same information in the appropriate time interval to support the planning, control and operation of an organization in order to assist the decision making process.

3. IMS is a user-machine system that utilizes computer hardware and software, manual operations, analysis, planning, control and decision making, and database. It provides information to support the operation, management and decision making of an organization or organization.

4. IMS is a highly complex, versatile and integrated human-machine system that fully utilizes modern computer technology, network communication technology, database technology and management science, operations research, statistics, model theory and various optimization techniques. Management and decision - making services.

5. IMS is a system composed of people, computers, etc. that can collect, transmit, store, process, maintain and use information. It can measure the various operating conditions of enterprises, the use of past data to predict the future, starting from the enterprise to assist enterprises to make decisions; use information to control the behavior of enterprises; help enterprises to achieve its planning objectives.

6. IMS is a people-led, the use of computer hardware, software, network communications equipment and other office equipment, information collection, transmission, processing, storage, updating and maintenance, business strategy to improve efficiency and efficiency for the purpose of support Enterprise high-level decision-making, middle control, grass-roots operation of the integrated man-machine system.