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Mini Stepper Motor Microelectromechanical Systems

Jun 12, 2017

Mini Stepper Motor Microelectromechanical systems

Miniature stepper motors are the key execution components in microelectromechanical systems. With the depth of electronic technology and precision machining technology research, micro-motor is moving in the miniaturization, multi-gmp16-050sh and modular direction of the development of stepper motor. At the same time, micro-motor materials are not limited to microelectronics commonly used in silicon, including ceramics, metals, composites and so on. How to make these tiny, material and different parts of the reliable assembly of a complete micro-motor products, micro-motor manufacturing is an important process. In addition to the necessary assembly of robots and hand, the connection technology is the core of the entire assembly process.

Adhesive is the use of adhesives to connect parts, and parts of the surface does not melt the process. Compared with micro-bonding, micro-bonding has the following advantages: ① wide range of applications, can glue the same or different kinds of materials parts; ② low curing temperature, to avoid high temperature environment On the micro parts caused by the size of the changes in stress and even performance damage and other effects; ③ high curing strength and uniform stress distribution; ④ easy to achieve sealing, conduction or insulation and other gear reducer.

Structure composition editing

Miniature stepper motor consists of matrix, mover and linear guide. The base also acts as a stator, with a magnetic pole, a stator tooth, a coil and a control circuit on its surface; the mover is located above the stator and has a moving tooth on its lower surface; the guide rail acts as a linear bearing 12GA, Keep it in place. In the rails and mover above the shell with a seal, the mover through the air gap and the surrounding components separated. The base dimensions are 10mm 4mm 1mm and the rail dimensions are 8mm 1mm 1mm. The substrate and guide rail are monolithic silicon material and are assembled together by gluing.

The requirements for the quality of the gluing assembly are as follows: ① the two rails keep parallel in the moving direction of the mover; ② the height of the guide rail does not exceed 10m due to the presence of the adhesive; ③ the guide rail is parallel to the surface of the substrate; Contaminated by adhesive. To this end, in the matrix surface division of the adhesive area for dispensing, adhesive area size of 900m 900m.