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Stepper motor in action

Nov 04, 2016

Under consideration, some manufacturers of a wide range of medical applications of stepper motors made the difference.

Can Analyzer has 50 axes of movement, depending on the process of stepping upwards. Because they can be running open loop stepper motor fact obvious choices. 50 shaft loop to close is the cost too high. The machine is mainly used in a lab environment, so you can hear low noise is required. A 0.36o step by step motor is as the perfect solution for low noise and low vibration transmission results. In addition, the machine must conform to a certain form factors. Due to the various dimensions of cases, small motors, and parts that can be used for the axis and reduce the overall size of the machine. Finally, energy consumption, cost, high efficiency motors reduce part or all of the axis will be a good solution. Finally, high precision XY sampling to ensure that scheduled suction tube. High resolution stepper motor and mechanical accomplished through increasing the number of teeth, with a variety of the best accuracy for stepper motors.

For many years, stepper motor features to make their health-the best solution for original equipment manufacturers. Not only are they easy to use, they are cost effective, and very accurate. Due to the design and stepper motor manufacturers are continuing to improve, they will ensure that it continues to provide motor through the expansion of the scope of their functions, developed new tools, making them more powerful, more accurate, more energy-efficient the best solution for medical manufacturers.