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Stepper motor controllers, stepper motor driver technical details(2)

Nov 04, 2016

Set each model control signal drives have 2 control signal can be selected from the 5th set of switches on the drive: CP/DIR mode: control motor direction of rotation by reversing level DIR and step signal depends on the CP. For example, the DIR for the high voltage motor for clockwise rotation, DIR for low motor for counterclockwise rotation in the opposite direction. This switching mode, which we call single pulse mode. Dial switch 5th set in the "0" position; CW/CCW: drive to accept two pulse signal (usually marked for CW and CCW), when all the way (CW) of pulses, the motor is running, when the other way (CCW) pulse signal, the motor runs reverse, we call it double-pulse mode. 5th set of switches in the "1" position.

3, the protection function:

Over temperature protection, over-current protection, under-voltage protection, protection of the signal output.