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Influence of voltage and current on motor performance

Nov 04, 2016

Constant-current chopper stepping motor driver, then in practical applications, voltage, and current drive setting, the stepper motor what is the performance impact?

Abstract we can say: voltage influence speed, the current moment of impact

The torque-frequency characteristics of stepping motor, are a particular current under certain voltage test data when the current and voltage changes, changes in torque-frequency characteristics.

Compare the applied voltage fluctuation than larger 85 motor, drive from 24V to 220V can apply, the 6N.m 85HB118-504 moment, it is in DC80V, average current of 5 a static torque of the environment, at 300 RPM torque ask 5.2N.m if we increased to 6 a current, Static torque is elevated to 6.3N.m,300 RPM torque up to 5.4N.m if voltage DC24V, remained 5 a current, only static torque 5.7N.m,300 torque when turned on only 4.3N.m.

In contrast, the same current cases, more affect the speed of stepping motor voltage, such as 57HB76-304, when the DC24V, racing up to 2100 rpm, if you use DC48V, racing up to a maximum of 3200 RPM;

In the case of the same voltage and current on the stepper motor torque is more important.

But partial influence on current moment, speed voltage is incorrect, regardless of current or voltage changes will change the torque-frequency characteristics of stepper motors, change voltage also changes the stepper motor torque, changing current also changing the high speed performance of stepping motor.