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Industrial robot manufacturer UR with the Chinese market

Nov 04, 2016

Denmark innovation Universal Robots industrial robots manufacturers company has announced, will invest heavily in the Chinese market, expanding the trade opportunities and join hands to domestic dealers actively participate in various trade shows and seminars, all-round display of its award-winning "world's most innovative robots"--UR robot. Meanwhile, Universal Robots will also focus on the Asian market, increasing in Singapore, and Thailand, and Malaysia, and Indonesia, and Japan and other investments.

Universal Robots by light, innovative robot last year after China, successfully attracted the attention and interest of many manufacturers of automation solutions and industry increasing attention. In order to further tap the potential of the Chinese market, Universal Robots will join two domestic dealers, appeared in last November of 2012 China International industry fair-industrial automation show. By then, the virtual show UR5 robot applications, OEM new perspective brings an unprecedented level of automation.