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Industrial Automation development way

Nov 04, 2016

Industrial Automation is a point of the outbreak. How do product positioning and market segmentation, in order to have a share in the market of the future, are related companies needed to consider the issue.

Both in terms of simplifying man's labor level or to raise the production efficiency, industrial automation is not the second choice. But a smooth transition, we still need to sort out a few problems.

First is security issues

Secondly, how can promotion for the automation industry "hero"

Third, the core components of the root is the loss of

From above several aspects seems, China enterprise automation process to face of problem, more other advanced of Europe Day Han, national, still has is long of a road to go, how overcome Qian paper mentioned of innovation weak, and technology behind, and talent lack of problem, and not overnight of thing, but see domestic of some enterprise in efforts, in attempts to, in to international giant learning. Believe that one day, China's industrial automation can play on their own imprint.