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Continuous growth of our industrial robots are four features

Nov 04, 2016

(1) the technical precision of advanced industrial robots, flexible, intelligent, software application development and advanced manufacturing technologies in one, through the process of detection, control, optimization, scheduling, management and decision-making, increase production and improve quality, reduce costs and reduce resource consumption and environmental pollution, is the highest embodiment of industrial automation.

(2) technical upgrade of industrial robotics and automation equipment with fine manufacture, fine processing and technical features such as flexible production, is the second power machinery, computer, appears comprehensive extension of people's physical and mental capacities of a new generation of production, is the production of digitization, automation and networking, as well as an important means of intelligence.

(3) application field widely industrial robot and automation sets equipment is production process of key equipment, can for manufacturing, and installation, and detection, and logistics, production link, and widely application Yu car whole car and the car parts, and engineering mechanical, and track traffic, and low voltage electrical, and power, and IC equipment, and military, and tobacco, and financial, and medicine, and metallurgical and the printing published, many industry, application field very widely.

(4) comprehensive industrial robotics and automation technology, focus and integrate a number of disciplines, and will involve a number of technical fields, including industrial control technology of robots, robot dynamics and simulation, finite element analysis, laser processing robot construction technology, intelligent-measurement, modeling, modular design, process integration, factory automation and advanced manufacturing techniques such as lean logistics technology comprehensive.