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Choose the stepper motor skills

Nov 04, 2016

Selection principle (for reference only):

1. First determine the required torque stepping motor and load.

The simplest method is to load on the shaft and a lever, spring scale pulling the levers, force times arm length is the load torque. Or calculated based on load characteristic in theory.

As the stepper motor is controlled motor, so conventional stepper motor maximum torque does not exceed 45Nm torque greater, higher cost, if you opted for higher torque or exceeds this range, can consider with deceleration device.

2. Determine the maximum operating speed of stepper motors.

Speed index in step into motor of selected Shi vital, step into motor of characteristics is with motor speed of increased, torque declined, its declined of speed and many parameter about, as: drive of drive voltage, and motor of phase current, and motor of phase inductance, and motor size and so on, General of law is: drive voltage more high, torque declined more slow; motor of phase current more big, torque declined more slow. At design time, motor speed control should be at 600 rpm/min or 800 cycles/min or less, of course, say this is not standard, it can refer to the torque-frequency characteristics.

3. Depending on the load the maximum torque and the maximum speed of these two important indicators, and then references the torque-frequency characteristics, you can choose to suit your stepper motor.