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Application of PLC system of stepping motor control driver

Nov 04, 2016

As we all know, ordinary PLC programmable controller, input for OC or relay, few high-speed pulse output, but generally pulse counting inputs. We make use of this feature through the following configuration can be easily through the process of mechanical movement or position control.

Install process control on the mechanical mechanism using linear grating and motion mechanism setting limit switches mechanical origin at one end (in optoelectronics, Hall element), away from the limit switches for stepper motor running direction. When the stepper motor power, the first to run mechanical origin, when it comes to when the limit switch, PLC automatic zeroing of counters. As we have a mechanical movement of process control, grating and connected to a stepper motor driven mechanical parts to determine pulse equivalent value of the stepper motor and grating, PLC programmable controller programming process control of high speed and high efficiency. For example: step motor pulse equivalent of 01001mm, combined with grating feedback pulse matching output with each pulse 01001mm, stepper motor every step of the way, grating feedback signals to the PLC within the counter plus (or minus) a.

Due to the speed of stepping motor control driver 7 optional, selected in different movements at different speeds, when running to determine position, stops the stepper motor can be. Meanwhile, rising frequency control drive control, full/segmentation functions such as switching, so the PLC control is so easy to use.